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    Dr PP Job Called Home

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    source: http://www.drjobsmission.org
    Dr PP Job Called Home

    It is with deep regret we announce that Dr  PP Job has left this world to meet his maker on 19th August 2012 at 6.15 pm Indian Standard Time. He was in Hungary to deliver a message. After the Sunday morning service he returned to the home where he was staying to rest.  There he had a massive heartattack and in spite of the best efforts of the doctors he could not be revived.  We have received confirmation of his promotion to heaven from family members in Europe.  As we are provided with more details, we will place them here for you.

    God Bless you ALL

    Neighbor Tom



    Dr Job’s Last Day

    source: http://www.drjobsmission.org
    Here in it’s entirety (without editing for English grammer) is an eyewitness report from Hungary.


    August 19th, Tiszanagyfalu, Hungary

    Dr Job arrived to Tiszanagyfalu shortly after 8:00 am. Bro István Pásztor gave him a ride from Nyíregyháza. Dr Job stayed with István and his family the day before.

    Dr Job was very happy to see Pastor Joseph again. The pastor’s wife, Margit, welcomed him with a beautiful little rose which Dr Job wanted to wear in his jacket pocket. First he wanted to check out the church building where he was going to preach, and he wanted to make sure that his books and the brochures are displayed and passed out for everybody.

    Then we walked back to the Pastor’s house and we talked for a while. Dr Job asked for some orange juice. The Pastor’s wife told him about how her father was persecuted during Communism, and both Dr Job and she shared about their families. Dr Job also explained me the situation of little girls in India and how he started his mission.

    At 10:00 am we went to the church building for the morning service. There were about 100 believers there. Dr Job preached about how we are not to be preachers of the Gospel, but demonstrators of it. He said that we are to be the fifth Gospel, the written epistles of God as it is sealed within us by the Holy Spirit. He also used verse from Philippians, explaining how everything, including trials and sufferings in our life, are for the furthering of the Gospel.

    Then he started talking about his own life, about Michael and John, and the cultural background of India, about how marrying some takes places in a very different manner there, than here. He explained the folder about the mission in detail. Dr Job’s sermon touched many hearts, several people had tears in their eyes. After the service he shook hands with everyone and some of the believers took some photos of him and their own groups. Dr Job had a little conversation with the Hungarian group from Slovakia. One of the sisters asked him how such a mission can be started, because she and some other believers were also thinking about starting something similar for orphans in Slovakia. Dr Job said: “You just start it.” The sister was asking: “But when you start it, how do you first have the resources you need?” Dr Job said: “You just start it.”

    We had lunch at 12 o’clock. Dr Job had some grilled chicken, rice, carrots and he also tried stuffed cabbage. He remembered it from Romania. He also had a peach. During lunch he had conversations with the Pastor and his wife. Sis Margit told him about her mother and how she always wanted to become a famous painter, but instead the Lord Jesus painted His own face through her life – this is what the minister said at her funeral. Dr Job told us a lot about the girls back home in India, and how he would welcome names for the new children. Sister Margit asked him to name one of the girls Dolorosa after her grandmother, and I asked him to name one Gianna (after Saint Gianna Beretta Molla), and an other Chiara (after Chiara Luce Badano).

    After lunch, at 12:30 Dr Job, a pastor from Ukraine and Pastor Joseph had a little discussion in Pastor Joseph’s office about what to do in the afternoon. They agreed that Pastor Sandor would speak first, than Pastor Joseph, and then Dr Job. Also, Dr Job was supposed to give an altar call. Pastor Joseph asked Dr Job where he sees revivals in the world. Dr Job said that he sees revivals in places where there are prayer groups. He said he knows of prayer groups who come together and pray three times a week, and that if there are prayer warriors at a certain location, then the revival will come. This was his last teaching to us: if you want revival, then start praying…

    Dr Job wanted to take a rest, so he went to a room that Sis Margit prepared for him. He set his alarm for 2:10, and he asked to wake him up in case he keeps on sleeping. He went to the bathroom at 1:00 pm, he spend quite a while in there, but he was fine when he came out, and he started to take a nap at 1:10 pm.

    Pastor Joseph was taking a rest in the next room and I was reading Bro Job’s book in the living room. Sis Margit and some other sisters were taking care of the kitchen and the believers started to gather for the afternoon service, they were having coffee and snacks in the garden.

    At about 1:40 I heard Dr Job coughing. I wanted to go and knock on his door to see if he needed anything, but I heard his phone ringing and he was talking to someone in his language. After he hung up, he started coughing again, so I knocked on his door. He opened it. He left his bed nicely done, the blankets folded, and he said he was fine, he just needed a glass of water. So I brought him water, but the coughing did not stop. I asked if he was allergic to feathers, because there were feathers in his pillow, but he said no. He was still coughing, so I looked for cough drops. The coughing got stronger. I asked Sis Margit and another sister to come in and give him some medicine. The other sister was a nurse. By this time we could see that this was not simply coughing. Dr Job suddenly started sweating. Sis Margit ran to get the doctor who lives next door. Dr Jozsef Szabo is a cardiologist, and he was there within 3 minutes, at about 1:50. While Sis Margit went to get the doctor, the other sister and I made a drink of Calcium for Dr Job which he drank.

    The doctor arrived at 1:55. He examined Dr Job, his blood-pressure was normal, 120/80 and he said he felt no pain in his chest, but he kept on coughing very loudly, as if has going to vomit, and he asked us to help him take off his shirt. He felt very warm, but he was cold. The doctor immediately realized that this was a heart attack, and he asked Dr Job if he had such a history. Dr Job said he had a heart attack ten years ago. Dr Szabo told us to call the special ambulance immediately, and he wanted to give him a shot. He could not do it in his arm, so he gave the into Dr Job’s neck. Sis Momo and I were there, so we could translate everything. By this time Dr Job was unable to breathe, so according to the doctor’s instructions, two sisters, Sister Margit and another sister, started breathing into his mouth. These two sisters are experienced nurses. Doctor Szabo was giving him the heart massage, and the two sisters were breathing into Dr Job’s mouth. At 2:00 pm he had foam at his mouth, and his mouth always filled with the content of his stomach. So the two sisters kept wiping and breathing him. Sis Margit felt that his mouth lost its position and she felt it cold.

    The special ambulance arrive within 7 minutes, so from 2:03 they were using their special equipment, they started reviving him. There were two nurses, four ambulance staff (two of whom were doctors), and the cardiologist. They were reviving him until 2:55, and 2:55 is the exact time that is written on Dr Job’s paper as the time of his passing away.

    Dr Szabo and ambulance staff stayed with us until 3:30 to complete all the paperwork.

    The believers in and around the house, as well as in the church, started praying as soon as we called for the doctor and they kept on praying until Pastor Joseph announced Dr Job’s passing away around 3:00 pm.

    The believers remained in the church and they had their meeting in the afternoon. An Australian brother sang Dr Job’s two favorite songs, the pastor from Ukraine preached about how we are to live credible Christian lives. Pastor Joseph showed a video of Dr Job and Sis Momo explained about the ministry. The church ensemble played music and finally Pastor Joseph also preached. Meanwhile Sis Margit made phone-calls to the embassy and the mortician, and she and Sis Momo contacted the family.

    Then I talked with Sis Elizabeth and Bro Thomas on the phone, and the mortician also arrived to take Dr Job’s body away. Right now he is in Kemecse, and his body is kept cool as long as needed. There will be a pathological examination, probably on Tuesday (because August 20th is a national holiday in Hungary). The mortician will completely prepare Dr Job’s body for shipping back to India…

    We are praying for the family and Dr Job’s mission.

    Éva Nagy