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Aspiring Hollywood is where artists from across the entertainment spectrum can find informative industry materials such as the presentation of periodic seminars, interviews with industry professionals, panel discussions regarding the business of filmmaking, educational articles and video clips from the set of feature films and television programming.

Aspiring Hollywood will seek personal testimonies from famous people from Hollywood to inspire and guide aspiring filmmakers, actors, producers and directors to chose the right path on this tempting and often destructive journey to glamour and fame.  Our mission is to reach out to the powerful and already influential entertainment industry leaders to become mentors to the newcomers, and to consider movies and television projects that encourage, inspire and promote moral values.




Produced by Luciano Saber

The producer of the new show on RTN is Luciano Saber who started his broadcasting career as a reporter in Chicago for WCFC-TV 38, currently TLN, a nationally syndicated cable station. Since then he has written, sold and produced films, pitched and sold a television pilot to Fox and even had the good fortune of being cast in several feature films. He’s a newly published author and his book A Story of Courage can be found at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other venues where books are sold. Presently he’s: working on his second novel, consulting on a television pilot for FX, teaching screenwriting at UCLA Extension, writing and pitching features and television shows and most recently he’s trying his hand at publishing this on-line magazine. Luciano is a graduate of Columbia College with a BA degree in Criminal Justice.