Letter from Luciano Saber


D CS Inside Picture3x5I felt compelled to take the time and congratulate you on the continued dedication and devotion you have shown for the Romanian Christian Television ministry. In good times and bad, you continue to push through and hold on to your faith while serving God and the people in your community.

I set up a recurring monthly donation through my bank where on the first of each month, the ministry will automatically receive the financial contribution along with my sincere appreciation for all that you do.

Further, please feel free to share this message with your sponsors and supporters and let them know that I urge them to help the television ministry financially and in prayer. I hope that we can all pitch in, even a small monthly contribution, to keep this ministry going for the next 20 years and beyond.


Please feel free to call me if you need help with anything that may come up.


Luciano Saber



Please send your letter of support if you appreciate this television ministry, and we will publish it on our website for the world to see. Thank you! contact@romaniantv.org



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